#5. Responsible and ethical travel is on the rise

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What are the travel trends for 2021 now that countries are opening up again? More and more people are getting vaccinated, so the idea of travelling again this summer is becoming more of a reality. The tourism industry is changing after the pandemic and people are looking forward to having unique experiences. Here are 10 travel trends we should be aware of to be prepared for the 2021 summer holidays.

Planning a trip can be half the fun than the actual trip itself. Dreaming of white-sand beaches while browsing through Instagram profiles and travel brochures make people want to plan…

Maybe it’s the only way to really heal

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People who have a narcissist in their life often have a lot of empathy and compassion for them, even after all the abuse and manipulation they went through. But almost all of the articles and videos I’ve seen about narcissism indicate you should never feel sorry for a narcissist and definitely shouldn’t have compassion. After all, they will (most likely) never change. I personally found it very hard to push away my empathy for the narcissists in my own life and am still struggling with the thought of ‘What if they change?’ …

I ate a mescaline cactus in Mexico and learned a beautiful life lesson

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Peyote is a small cactus growing in the Northern States of Mexico, also called ‘Abuelo’ (grandfather) by the native people. It has been used in traditions for centuries by the Huichol tribe and is thought to heal many illnesses, like snake bites, wounds, skin disease, tuberculosis, diabetes, and colds, among many other ailments.

In modern ceremonial use, Peyote is a powerful natural medicine that could ‘heal’ you from your ego and to become a better person to others around you. It can teach you vital lessons about yourself and your community. It contains the active ingredient mescaline. …

Without any savings and no full-time job.

Me in Bagan, Myanmar

I am 32 years old, have almost no savings in my bank account, and I am currently living abroad in the 45th country I have visited in my life (Mexico).

In the past six years, I have had more days off than I worked and I saw more countries in the last 10 years than most people do in their entire lifetimes. I have no car, no house, almost no possessions, and most importantly, barely any worries.

How did I change my life around to travel the world full-time? …

Skins of greed and skins of possession — a poem

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I will never forget this year of growth
It’s hard to find words for this elevating episode
I have lost most of my layers that have been glued upon me
Thoughts and beliefs that have stopped me to see clearly
All while I had only been following individuality

Layers of ego and layers of obsession
Skins of greed and skins of possession
Shells of attachments and shells of protection
Giving me time for myself and time for reflection
All while I was learning to love and yearning for connection

I have been trying to laugh and trying to cry
Have been…

Always follow your intuition when things don’t feel right

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‘What are we doing?’ my brother asks me with a concerned look. We just got off the island group of Bocas del Toro in Panama and are now offered a taxi all the way to David for only $10, a cheap price for a private van and a 4-hour journey. There is one other white girl in the car already and the guys who approached us try to persuade us to come along. Something tells us that the price is too good to be true, but we set aside our concerns, pay and get into the van.

Immediately after we…

How my lack of Spanish brought me to the wrong town in Panama


“Adios! Feliz Navidad! ” The cheerful boy at my hostel in Santa Catalina waves me off enthusiastically. It’s time for the next adventure! In this little beach town I had enjoyed three days of sun, sea, waves to surf and coral reefs to dive into. The fishing town is perfect for getting back to yourself and, although tourism is booming, you can still perfectly enjoy the simple everyday life together with the local population.

Yvette Brand

Traveler, Digital Nomad, Aspiring Sailor and Free Soul.

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